I just called one of my team-mates. A new (female) friend. Being into sports (technology, movies, (anything except makup) that I am interested in) most of my friends have always been male. Good and bad. Made dating (not sure I ever really did) difficult. You hang out/drink with the guys, and the next thing you find out is that they wanna fuck you. We’ll “fuck you” is what I say; and have lost friends because of it. So I safely keep my distance.

So I started playing with this girl about 3 months ago. We hit it off. And she’s fucking beautiful too! I can’t stop starring. Her hair is PERFECT! She says, “a lotta hair spray”. Whatever. She pulls it off well and makes it look so natural.

We’ll tonight is reason #546 why I heart her. I called her house and her husband (who she never mentions - not because their relationship is bad, but because she’s so cool) answers. He told me she was still at work. Since I hadn’t spoken to her since she got back from her business trip to SanFransico, I didn’t know if she got the updated schedule for our game tonight and was going to be there.

I asked her husband to let her know I (gave name) called. He responded, “Oh. Is this for Baseball? Basketball? or Volleyball?”

Oh she’s great! She’s got a family, a full-time career that travel is required for 5 times a year AND selfishly plays all the extra-ciricual sports that I love!

My new friend is living proof that you can have a life, while having a real life.

(Completely unedited. My new way of posting. Gotta get it done somehow!)